You’re 15 Minutes Are Up!

I know that Ke$ha’s 15 minutes are up, but I just want to highlight just this song. It is pretty closest to beautiful.
Her music video sucks anyway; it is best not to watch it.


No Introductions

Shane Dawson introduces me to the coolest songs. One of the best songs is called Come On Come On by Morgan Laurence. Its is such a magical song that you have to listen to it.

American Idol Losers

American Idol “winners” are not winners at all. The second and third place contestants are the best artists. Haven’t you ever noticed that the second place contestants have way more known albums than the first place winners? If I was in second place I would probably rejoice.

New Youtube Users

If you haven’t used ever in your life, now is a good time to start. Here are some very important youtubers you should checkout: Nighiga, DavidsoComedy(he curses a lot by the way), Jennamarbles(Don’t let the blonde hair fool you), collegehumor, failblog(It’s like America’s Home Video), barelypolitical, TheKeyofAwesome KassemG(really inappropriate humor), ShaneDawson, ChesterSee, and pbpproductions(Uses his mouth to make the sounds of musical instruments.

Watch this—> Home-Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros Acoustic Cover

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