Life Changing

This song has touched my heart and I hope it will touch yours, also.

MKTO – Thank You

This American band of two is a team of actors. Malcolm David Kelley has played in movies like Antwone Fisher, and Tony Oller on TV shows like “As The Bell Rings” on Disney Channel.
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Malcolm David Kelley in Antwone Fisher

Malcolm David Kelley in Antwone Fisher

Tony Oller in "As the Bell the Rings"

Tony Oller in “As the Bell the Rings”


All in the Lyrics

I felt that parts of the song called The Vent had tons of truth about the life that a lot of people live.

“Cause its (uh) as you lookin like the money
It don’t matter how you sound, the world deaf
One minute you think you doing right, hit the light
F**** around and take a left
Hit a n***** that’s havin’ a bad day
And he f*** around and shoot yo a** to death
But if that n***** got a badge on his chest, case closed
Way before that n**** left
And the cops supposed to watch over the kids
Instead they wanna put us all in jail
And when we grown, turn the gun around on us
In them the people we supposed to trust”
Many black people feel this way about the justice system, and I’m not speaking for other races. Because doing so would open it up to debate.

“…Every rapper, basketball playin’ actor”
There are more than enough basketball players who are on reality TV shows.

“…And my sister seventeen years old and she already pregnant man f***”
Seventeen and pregnant is all too common.

You are more than welcome to watch the video on YouTube, but I don’t feel that I should post it on the blog, sorry.