One of the Best Disney Movies so far…

Everybody Hates Chris Star Tyler James Williams debuts in this new Disney channel hit Let it Shine. In this movie, he stars as a bus boy who has problems balancing his church life with his social life. I’d like to point out that he also raps in this movie, and really well . Not any of his raps are corny or slow. Honestly, he was one of the best stars in the movie next to Coco Jones(Roxxie), Trevor Jackson(Kris), and my all time favorite actress Nicole Sullivan. There were many parts in the movie that needed a little work. In the very beginning, the church scene was a very extravagant scene. If the people ,who worked on this movie, were going to do a church seen, they should have used a real church as a reference for that scene. It was completely unrealistic. Not to mention the age difference between Coco Jones and Tyler James Williams. Other than that, this movie was rather entertaining. I would encourage those of you to go get the soundtrack and watch the movie on Disney Channel. Disney is really starting to pick back up. Many times the movies that Disney Channel ” dishes out” were pretty bad. Not to mention the TV shows.

Coco Jones the hot new star from the movie Let it Shine touches the hearts of girls of all ages. She stars as a strong young singer, and in reality she has real talent. I really hope that she doesn’t turn out like Miley Cyrus. When she does break out of Disney Channel, she should not try to prove to the world that she has matured into a grown young woman. Many Disney Channel stars take on racy roles in order to prove their existence as a older actor or actress. I just wish people wouldn’t put themselves out there like that. As a side note, She is very tall for her age. Her age makes her even more talented.

Here are some of the best music from the movie: All songs except the full cast songs and Let it Shine theme song. Joyful Noise also an exception to the exception.

I went a little crazy, but that’s OK. Enjoy!