Old Soul

Recently, I was watching the movie In A World and I came across an old song. The song is called Everybody Wants to Rule the World, an 80’s Classic by Tears for Fears. For me, it signaled the end of an 80’s movie or the beginning of something in the movie. It played in almost every movie I’d watched, and I found it quite fantastic. With that said, I found that a lot of other people did not know of this song, and I found that to be a little perplexing. There have been many times that a song appears in many movies and I find it hard to believe that people don’t at least recognize the song. There is also something else that bothers me; the fact that the moment a new artist does a cover of the same song it becomes their song to the rest of the world who has not heard of the original. It baffles me that people with argue about the origins of the song without proper research.

Just in case you don’t remember this song…

LORDE-Everybody Wants to Rule the World

At first glance, I found this version of the song to be very depressing. Maybe, it was caused by my previous feeling towards the original; it has this unmistakable feeling of hope and promise. Lorde’s version creates this intensely haunting sensation; the artist has a lazy sing-talk sound that adds a different dimension to the song. Unbeknownst to me, Lorde’s cover starred in the movie Hunger Games Catching Fire¬†sountrack. Without the context from which the version was formed I still managed to like both the new version and the original.


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