It’s All Up to You

1. Tyler James – Worry About You ft. Kano

Please listen to the whole song it does get better. His high notes almost match Justin Timberlake’s but better. He truly exudes the feeling that he put into the song. If you would like to look for the rapper in this video I wouldn’t suggest it. The rap that was made for this song fit a little bit, but his other songs are definitely not as good. Although this song’s title is Worry About You, Mr. James expressions are not quite lining up. He almost comes into the picture like a mob boss or a henchman rather than a concerned husband or boyfriend. The video just goes show: don’t gamble your life away or gamble in general.

2.Henry Krinkle – Stay

This song is so relaxing. It has sort of a mystical almost creepy vibe to it.
free download available here:

3.Vita Chambers – Fix You

You can’t fix anybody, but you can help them move in the right direction. This Canadian singer is also a concerned partner, but the way she handles the situation might be damaging to the relationship.I’m no relationship expert; I think there’s a part in every to help others, but sometimes we can’t do it on our own.
Relationships aside, her singing is like the Mariana and the Diamonds of pop/electronic music.

4.John Butler Trio – Don’t Wanna See Your Face – Official Video

I love his version of a breakup. He seems so free.
If you would like to see some of his other work. Here’s a link to John Butler’s Ocean.

5.Bilal – Back To Love

This song starts off strong then…It takes a turn. I’d have to say that the singer really ruins the song. It is such a shame, but it just seems like his voice doesn’t quite match the groove. The song lyrics itself are moderately enjoyable.

6.The Whitest Boy Alive – Gravity [high quality]

I wondered why the band is called The Whitest Boy Alive then he starts to sing. I like the laid back feeling of the song. It puts the listener in a different place whether its at home or at a coffee shop. It’s a good song to play in the background when one is doing something tedious or small.
This band is actually a German-Norwegian band based in Berlin.

7.Travelling – Paper Lions

I love this song because it is so upbeat. This song explains that this new generation is not keen on being a good neighbor.

8.Gabriella Ellis – Fight – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO HD

Gabrielle Ellis has Christina Aguilera’s singing style to the nth degree. She does a lot of riffs and runs, maybe too many. Overall, she’s a pretty good singer.


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