International Madness

1.Elena – Disco Romancing (Official Video)

I’ve heard this song so many times that I want to listen it more. You like dance pop music this is the song for you. This Romanian artist brings fun to the dance floor. Has anyone ever wanted to ride inside that Zorb ball? It looks like so much fun.

2.J Balvin – Tranquila

Its hot a laid back vibe to it. It’s somewhat interesting song to listen to.

3.Celia Feat. Kaye Styles – Is It Love (Sahara Remix) Official New Video Edit

Sex really does sell. Music video is nothing but sex. The singing is bearable. You have to appreciate the beat.

4.Figaro remix (Тектоник)

This a cool mix of old and new. The dancing is hilarious.

5.Mandinga – Zaleilah (Official Video)

This song feels so sweet. It is like a mix of Spanish music and middle eastern music. This band is made of Romanian Latino band consisting of about ten musicians. This song was sung by a predominantly Romanian group in Spanish and filmed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This song is a mixer of greatness!


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