So So Subtle Part II

5.Joshua Hyslop – What Have I Done? feat. Anna Scouten (Official Music Video)

This song is a great song to listen to when you need a shoulder to cry on or having a bad day. Just know that someone is always going to be there for you. The music video is not much to watch;It seems a little homemade. I would suggest just listening to the song and the best part begins closer to the middle of the song.

6.John Butler Trio – Ocean

This man probably holds the record for longest nails for guitar playing purposes. The song itself has such a soft tune you can’t help but continue to be mesmerized.
Warning: This is an eleven minute video feel free to listen to the whole thing if you’d like.

7. Selah Sue – Fade Away

This woman has a very soulful voice that reminds me of a an old soul singer. I have to me honest I did not quite like her singing at first based on her older song Raggamuffin, but I know now that soul/R&B is for her voice.

8.Mountain Man – Play It Right

this is one of the oddest group of people but they gel pretty well together.


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