Can’t Stop the Music

These are some songs I couldn’t stop listening to for the week.

1.Dia Frampton – Walk Away Lyrics

I absolutely love her voice. I want it all to myself. This former The Voice contestant won my heart and many others but sadly did not win on the show. She is still a winner to me!

2.Yaël Naïm – Toxic

You’ll know what song this is one you’ve heard the lyrics. This version pushes the original version out of the way. I love this woman’s version it so soft and melodic.

3.Princess of China – Tori Kelly, Scott Hoying, Kevin Olusola (Coldplay/Rihanna Cover)

Two very good singers join together to to form this bliss. Does anyone notice someone familiar? Scott Hoying and Kevin Olusola are both from the group, Pentatonix. Tori on the other hand was a contestant on American Idol. Simon as always did not like her voice but, she did get pretty far in the competition.

4.Coco Jones – Holla at the DJ (Official Video)

I knew this girl would be a star! She holds her own in this music video. I can’t even believe that she is only 14 years old; she is absolutely amazing. Her voice is finally polished. This girl is already pretty tall, yet they put her in heels. She looks like an exact copy of Jennifer Hudson just smaller and younger.
Look at them!Coco+Jones+kpNwVsSI8okm061912-jennifer-hudson-340

5.GANGNAM STYLE (강남 스타일) – Pentatonix (PSY Cover)

The hard to understand song that swept the U.S. by surprise. I personally love this because it sounds silly but in actuality is very poetic. Wait for the good part.

6.Iyeoka – Simply Falling (Official Video)

This lady’s voice is like chocolate ice cream. She is Smooth jazz.

7.Maroon 5 – Daylight

This inspirational video has a great song too. The video is better than the song in my opinion. It takes time to learn to love this song.

This song was found on a TV show.
This Party Never Stops – These Kids Wear Crowns
This song is just like any other pop songs made in America, but its still loveable.


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