Talented Folks and Incredible Blokes

After searching for new songs to put on my iPod I found these great songs that you may love, not just like.

Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida – Troublemaker

Sometimes we can do without Flo Rida, but sometimes he actually does rap really well. Does anyone ever notice that the name Flo Rida is the same as Florida? Just think about it.

Cris Cab – Good Girls (Don’t Grow On Trees) ft. Big Sean

This music video is very visually appealing because of the bright colors used. Kudos to whoever created this video.

Linkin Park – CASTLE OF GLASS (featured in Medal of Honor Warfighter)

It seems like all of Linkin park’s music videos are visaully appealing, and they also have great messages laced between the song and the video. Their songs evoke emotions that we as a whole should feel, so we can make a change. That is the making of a great band rather than a good band. They have almost never come out with a terrible song. For the most part, I feel like this rock band will grow old together.

Little Mix – Wings

Singing groups are coming back with this song. Although this song sort of reminds me of a cheer leading tune, I still love the vocals. Britain has a habit of making great singers sing. Thank you Britain!

Angel – Time After Time

His soft voice would make any girl come back to him. Listen to this song with closed eyes. It adds to the songs dramatically.
Become an angel fan and take a look at his other music.

Flo Rida – I Cry [Official Video]

Flo Rida has an awful habit of sampling from tons of different songs and rapping over it. I love it no less. He is a good rapper. This a great music video.


The anthem for all poor people. The beat is sick. Let me repeat that the beat is sick! This has a great flow. This guy is an individual. In a way he is like me, I literally live in the thrift store.


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