Talented Folks and Incredible Blokes Part II

After searching for new songs to put on my iPod I found these great songs that you may love, not just like.

Rudimental – “Not Giving In” ft. John Newman & Alex Clare [Official Video]

You have got to love the work these people put into the story and the video itself. I love it because of the area and the cultural difference. It also shows that we are not all that different. We all do the same things. It also show the struggles that some of us face sometimes on the day to day basis. How sometimes we can hit rock bottom and may never be able to get back up.

MIKA – Celebrate ft. Pharrell

Two great artist in one great song. That is Dynamite. I love the setting by the way.

Call Your Name [Official Video]

Sometimes I hate it when people enunciate in a song. This is one of those instances. This is probably one of the weirdest music videos.

Rebecca Ferguson – Nothing’s Real But Love

This woman has a great voice, but I really don’t like it. It’s got this gruffness to it that I don’t like, but it is so unique that I just seem to gravitate towards it. Plus, she has real beauty that radiates throughout her body.

Passion Pit – Take A Walk

I wouldn’t say I love this band/group but they are good. I feel like they need a little extra push if they want to be big time stars.

P!nk – Try

What you have to appreciate about Alecia Moore is that she never changes her appearance to fit in with the rest of us. She is her own person. She is an incredible artist. She brings out all the emotions that people are feeling today.

Calvin Harris Ft.Florence -Sweet nothing(Lyrics)
You have to appreciate the song for the lyrics. Florence sort of makes the song.
Just an FYI She looks pretty manly in the music video. Check it out.


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