America’s Got Craziness

I’ve been following America’s got talent since last year. The best year for talented acts. One of the best acts and most memorable is West Springfield Dance Team. They were one of the best but very creepy dance crews on America’s Got Talent. Next to them in first place in my heart was the Miami All Stars. They had the most saucy dancers in the entire competition;They brought their culture to the stage.

Miami All Stars – America’s Got Talent 2011 – Semi Finals

What really made me mad was the fact that the judges brought the Miami All Stars back then they lost once again. I could never fathom the reason why they would let go of one of the greatest dance crews.

West Springfield Dance Team – America’s Got Talent – Wild Card Special.

Unless these incredible dancers were living on their own, I see no reason for them to win the entire competition. The thing about being America’s favorite is to available as many times as humanly possible so we can see their performances later on in the theaters. After watching their performance I couldn’t help but to look for the song they were using. It’s called Down With The Sickness by Disturbed. All the Disturbed fans probably know this song because it is rather old.

Now on to the new stuff. People to look for on America’s Got Talent:
Everyone except

1. Lightwire Theater
They didn’t bring anything new to the show because I’ve seen their type of act last year. Plus, They don’t create solid stories to the stage like Iluminate.

Lightwire Theater

The only thing that original about Lightwire theater is the costumes.
2. Shanice and Maurice Hayes
I don’t really see the talent. I feel like one or both of them sing a little off key. Maybe I just don’t like the sound of Shanice’s voice, but she sings really well.
3. Clint Carvalho – YouTube Contestant
Bird tricks should be reserved for another TV show. I don’t see how his act is worth a million dollars.
4. All Wheel Sports
This group has way too much going on. The stage is filled to the brim with gymnastic prowess. If this team did these tricks within the audience, people can pay attention to one thing at a time. There is just too much to look at that it becomes a little overwhelming.
To be continued…


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