Vitrural World Blues

I absolutely loved playing the Sims game, but it was so time consuming that I quit. I couldn’t afford to keep buying the Sims 3 games because the company increased the price buy ten dollars. I know ten dollars is not that much, but every time I bought another game another 30 dollars came out of my purse. There are so many Sims games out there. Personally I loved Sims 2. You could do more stuff in Sims 2 rather than Sims 3. When that is all said and done I wish to get those new Sims games.

Here is a promotional video featuring Kimbra singing her song Good Intent in simlish:

Here is the other video…

If you don’t know what simlish is, it is a language that EA made up as a equalizer for all countries. It’s basically, a made up language so that the producers do not have to write a language for every country.


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