Kimbra you’re a star!

This music video got me hooked on Kimbra. Kimbra might be my most favorite artist as of right now.
Settle Down

The music video was available on Itunes for free at one time. I have to admit that this music video was very weird at times, but I liked her singing style after watching it for a while. I love the story she told. She is classic girl.
Here are some of her most recent music videos:
Cameo Lover

I love that dress!
Good Intent

Two Way Street

Once again. I love that dress! This is a softer more vulnerable side of Kimbra.
I love those dresses! Kimbra’s bringing back at great time period when men wore suits and women wore dresses everyday.

I honestly don’t like how she sings in this song, and I feel like the tone is way to low for her. I love the message in many ways. She is an individual.
Thumbs up for her not so recent music.
Miami Horror – I Look to You (feat. Kimbra)

It has a funky beat that I love.
Kimbra is in this video. This music video is cool because it has high energy and it has everyone’s favorite artists.

Did you notice the converse shoes? This song is a promotion by Converse and Journeys.
What I’m trying to say is go buy her CD Vows.


One comment

  1. Qhieqhie · December 10, 2014

    The hotnsey of your posting shines through

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