Listening to the Beat

I love to listen to music for the beat rather than the actual lyrics. I love to feel the song rather than listening to it. For example, This Time by Melanie Fiona is a good song to me because of the beat. I don’t even listen to a song or give it a second chance if it does not have a great beat.  Later, I do  listen to the lyrics.

My Playlist for the Week:
1. Brandon Hines- Yes You Are

2. Robin Thicke- All Tied Up
Although Mr. Thicke is very good artist this song does not serve him justice ,but the beat is something to look into. In my opinion, he is a very good singer.
3. Maroon 5- One More Night

I love Maroon 5 from the very beginning. After their very first hit song, I was hooked! This music video wasn’t the best music video, but the song itself is a great breakup song.
4. ft Eva Simons
I usually don’t like’s songs, but this song is one his best. I feel that he just comes up with awesome beats without great lyrics. His lyrics are a little repetitive, annoying, and unpoetical.


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