International Love

All people should feel music rather than listen to it. It can make the song sound ten times better. Songs that are sung in a different language are some of the best songs that I have heard. Seeing the person’s emotions and hearing the way the person sings makes me feel the emotions that the singer must have felt.

I found these songs a year ago, and I still love them. Although I haven’t figured out the meaning of the song, I continue to listen to it.

1. Jesse y Joy- Corre!

This song looks and feels heart wrenching.
2. Jesse & Joy- Quiero que me quieras
I would encourage you to buy the entire album. I haven’t bought it because I’m cheap, but I will in the future.

These are new…
1.Wonder Girls _ Like this _ MUSIC VIDEO

I love this music video because I really wish to be in a flash mob. If you know about a flash mob, notify me. Flash mob’s spice up life. Sound effects too.

2. 에프엑스_Electric Shock_Music Video

I really love some of their dance moves.


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